Agenda item

Superintendent's Update

Report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath.


Members considered an update report of the Superintendent and the following

points were made:


·         The Superintendent noted that the first three recommendations were the priority for discussion. 


Projects and Programmes


·         Members were advised that an approach was made by a small group from the local community who have proposed the first-floor office space in the Park be utilised as a community space. It was noted that this was an underused space and the City Surveyor’s Department were in the process of seeking expressions of interest as part of a tender process for the use of this space. A licence would be issued as part of this tendering process.


·         In response to a query regarding how the group found out about the space, Members were advised that they learnt about it from the café owners and subsequently contacted the Team.


·         The Chairman queried whether this was a commercial or charitable organisation. The Constabulary & Queen’s Park Manager advised that it was a commercial community group.


·         A Member advised that the space had previously been park keeper accommodation and did not feel it was a good idea to lose it to a commercial organisation when staff might need it in the future. The Chairman clarified that it was not a forever proposal. The Superintendent noted that the Park had 19 residential accommodation units.


·         In response to a query regarding why the cost of the new toilet block could not be funded by £2m that was recouped from another residential venue, the Superintendent advised that this surplus had gone into a central pot and did not belong to Queen’s Park exclusively.


·         The Chairman stated that the space was not currently needed by staff and that the Park could benefit from the additional income. The Constabulary & Queen’s Park Manager added that these were local meetings and there was a perceived lack of local community space.  


·         A Member noted that there was an accessibility concern for entering the space.


·         The Superintendent stated that more work was needed to access the best option use for the space.


Ecology and Environment


·         The Constabulary & Queen’s Park Manager sought Member’s views regarding the removal of the metal railing surrounding the old Oak tree adjacent to Kingswood Avenue which was pointed out during the Committee walk. It was recommended that the railing be removed, and a low-level post and rope barrier be installed with updated interpretation relating to the tree (option B). the Committee agreed this was the best option.




·         Members provide their views on the removal of a metal railing fence which surrounds an oak tree, as set out in paragraph 15;


·         Members provide feedback on the proposed events for 2019, as set out in paragraph 30;


·         Members views and feedback are sought in relation to the approval thresholds outlined in table 1 of the draft Policy, Appendix 2;


·         That the view and comments of the Queen’s Park Consultative Group be conveyed to the Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood and Queen’s Park Committee at their meeting on 28 November 2018.

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