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Monthly Investment Analysis

Report of the Chamberlain


The Board received a report of the Chamberlain concerning the monthly investment analysis review for May 2018. The Board noted the current investment list and total investment values set out in the report. Members noted that the yield listed in relation to the two short dated bond funds was likely understated as the historic figure, looking at the previous 12 months, was given rather than the current figure. This was likely to be higher at present because of the recent increase to the base interest rate.


A Member queried the totals given under Ultra Short Dated Bond Funds as they appeared not to be correct. The Chamberlain responded that this was as two of the funds had been counted elsewhere but would look at how this could be shown on the chart as it was not clear.


A Member asked if there was a target number looking forward for the weighted average rate of return. The Chamberlain responded that there was an estimate for the current year of 50 basis points, and revised estimates would be calculated soon. The estimated weighted average rate of return did not form part of the Treasury Management Strategy as a performance indicator, although it contributed to budget plans as these were partly based on assumed income.


RESOLVED – That the report be noted.

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