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Items for inclusion in the Committee's Skills Audit

Members are asked to note CIPFA’s Practical Guidance for Local Authorities and Police Committees (2018 Edition) in respect of the core areas of knowledge and skills framework and to consider those items they would like to include in the forthcoming Skills Audit. 


Members considered the CIPFA Guidelines in respect of criteria for inclusion in a skills audit, together with an example produced internally, for another City Corporation Committee.  During the discussion, Members agreed which criteria might be included in the skills audit questionnaire; being mindful of excluding ‘non-accountants’, as the Committee had benefitted from a diverse skills mix, evidenced from the recent intake of new Court Members.  Members also agreed on the importance of listening, as well as general communicating skills, and the need for political awareness.   There was also an acceptance of a learning curve for all new Members, and the availability of induction sessions which Members had found very helpful. 



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