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Future Sub-Committee Arrangements

Report by the Principal.


Governors had before them the report by the Principal on a proposal to combine the Nominations and Remuneration Committees.


Discussion commenced and the Committee agreed that the reference in the proposed terms of reference of the new committee on page 23 to ‘non common council governors’ should be reworded to reflect that the appointments are of co-opted members, with suitable clarification that they are independent from the CoL. Governors also noted that the reference to the Senior Member of the Academic Staff (not a Vice-Principal) should be clarified to ensure it was clear whether this appointment was a co-optee or an elected staff governor. 


A Governor raised the issue of whether it would be appropriate for a member of the academic staff to be present during discussion of the Principal’s salary and Members noted that any paper on that matter would not be for decision and therefore a problem should not arise.


The Committee’s consideration of the matter continued and a Governor suggested that the first bullet point under ‘Remuneration’ on page 24 should add additional wording to say ‘…and the conservatoire sector in particular’, with the second to last bullet point amended to say at the end ’….such observations / recommendations reported as the Committee sees fit to the appropriate committee’. It was then suggested by another Governor that the fifth bullet point should be reworded to say ‘…and confirm it is content…’


The Chairman asked that these comments be incorporated into a revised version of the report for submission to the Board.


RESOLVED – That the proposed combination of the Nominations and Remuneration Committees be endorsed, subject to the revision of the terms of reference as set out above, for the future consideration of the Board.


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