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Draft City of London Transport Strategy

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


The Sub-Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment detailing the draft City of London Transport Strategy.


The Chairman questioned the use of the word ‘delight’ within the visions, aims and outcomes text. Officers reported that this had been well received at initial consultation and it was therefore felt that this was appropriate. Officers reported that reference to ‘super blocks’ had also been removed from this document following initial comments received and to make it consistent with the Local Plan in this respect.


A Member commented that passing a resolution to shift from 20 to 15mph may prove challenging and he therefore asked for the justification behind this given that it was likely to be one of the Strategy’s hottest topics. Officers reported that they wanted this document to make a difference. Evidence showed that the likelihood of fatal collisions was much diminished at 15 versus 20mph.


The Sub-Committee recognised that, whilst this shift would be perceived as radical and had not been adopted elsewhere in London to date, there was no reason that the City should not lead on this initiative, particularly when keeping in mind the Mayor of London’s aspirations around ‘Vision Zero’. Officers went on to highlight that the City was a totally unique area of London, particularly given the amount of pedestrian footfall in the square mile which was only set to increase in future years.


The Chairman praised the Strategy for being bold and innovative in an attempt to incite real change. In response to questions, Officers reported that, aside from the 15mph proposals, issues around pedestrian priority at certain times, a 50% reduction in peak time deliveries and cycling may also incite debate.


In response to questions, Officers reported that the proposals within the draft document largely aligned with or were slightly ahead of those within the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy. The Deputy Chairman added that there was also full alignment with TfL who liked what the City were doing in this area and seemed to be on board with the proposals.


With regard to commentary on step free access at underground stations, it was reported that the ambition was for all stations to be step free by 2044 which was in line with the Mayor’s Strategy.


The Director of the Built Environment reported that this was the City’s first Transport Strategy. It was Officers’ and Members’ genuine belief that it was an exciting, refreshing and useful document where the sum was a coherent, forward thinking plan intended to be greater than any of the individual issues within it. The Deputy Chairman added that, throughout the process of shaping this document, accessibility for all users of the space had been key and the draft Strategy was very inclusive in this regard.


RESOLVED – That, Members of the Local Plan Sub-Committee approve the draft Transport Strategy for final presentation to the Planning and Transportation Committee on 30 October 2018.

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