Agenda item


Report of the Town Clerk.


The Group noted the various outstanding actions and the updates provided



With regards to Action 1 concerning waste removal, Members were advised that there was an ongoing issue with the contractor who is the London Borough of Brent as a better service is received from the Corporation. The Director noted that Corporation’s contractor was up for renewal in November which would go to the Port Health Committee. he agreed to share the 2019 prices to establish if they were still cheaper than the London Borough of Brent.


Members were advised that Action 2 had not yet been completed as the water fountains had been vandalised. The Constabulary & Queen’s Park Manager agreed to consider adding the locations to the map for the public when they were repaired.


With regards to Actions 6 and 7 concerning the draft Queen's Park Woodland Walk Management Plan, Members were advised that the Constabulary & Queen’s Park Manager was working with a contractor and a report would come to the Committee in April.


All other actions were complete or covered on the agenda.

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