Agenda item

West Smithfield and Charterhouse Street (Thameslink) Bridges Remedial Works

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


The Committee received a report of the Director of Built Environment regarding West Smithfield and Charterhouse Street (Thameslink) Bridges remedial works.


The Chairman underlined that he had specifically requested that the Markets Committee receive this item for information.


A Member questioned whether the two bridges were linked and, if so, if there would be any savings associated with carrying out the works simultaneously. The Director of Built Environment clarified that, whilst both bridges ran over the same section of railway line, they were two separate highway structures. He ensured Members that Officers would do their utmost to maintain the benefits of access and would most likely tackle the required waterproofing works in two stages.


A Member commented that he had visited the site in question earlier this week with the Property Investment Board. He stressed that access to carry out the works would be a difficulty and that there would be limited times in which works could be carried out over live railway lines. He also expressed concerns over the escalating costs associated with the works.


Concerns around the range of costs quoted within the report were echoed by other Members. The Chairman stated that he believed that the ranges detailed were attributable to the Gateway Process.


In response to a final question, the Director of Built Environment stated that, whilst he wasn’t anticipating that the required works would impact on access to the Market, this could not be ruled out entirely. He assured Members that he would be working closely with the Market on this matter as the works progressed.



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