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Outstanding Actions

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee received the current list of outstanding actions.


Noise Pollution from the London Underground

The Director of Port Health and Public Protection advised that a report summarising the draft recommendations following measurements and investigations has been submitted to London Underground for consideration. A response is expected by the end of November 2018 and a report with recommendations would be brought before the Committee in January 2019.


A Member advised the Committee that a meeting had taken place with residents, Members and the Rt Hon Mark Field MP for the Cities of London and Westminster; following this, Members would continue to raise the issue of noise pollution from the London Underground with the London Assembly Member for the City and Transport for London.


A Member referenced section 122 of the Railways Act 1993, querying whether officers were investigating the extent of the statutory defence as discussed at a previous meeting applied in this case. The Director of Port Health and Public Protection explained that this would be addressed within the January report.


Electric Vehicle Charging

The Director of Transportation and Public Realm advised that a charging point at Noble Street will be in operation by mid-December 2018. There will be rapid chargers for taxis, as well as standard chargers for general motorists in off-street locations. The department is working with TfL, Hackney Carriages and the taxi industry in general to implement the plan.


A Member asked how many charging points were needed and the overall cost, in response the Director of Transportation and Public Realm explained he did not have the exact figures but would circulate an update with this information.


Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN)

The Chairman advised that this item could now be removed from the Outstanding Actions list.


S. 101 Agreements

The Director of Port Health and Public Protection advised that a draft Section 101 agreement has been submitted to Tower Hamlets and officers were awaiting their response.


The Deputy Chairman expressed concern and disappointment on the arrangement not yet being agreed noting the issue of illegal street trading on the bridges. In response, the Director of Port Health and Public Protection advised that City of London Corporation officers were continuing to liaise with Tower Hamlets to ensure the agreement would be signed. The Chairman offered to write to the relevant Cabinet Member within Tower Hamlets if there was no progress.


Water Refill Points

A Member asked how much water was tapped to each refill point, and if the water usage was being monitored. In response, the Director of Cleansing advised that he could not confirm the exact amount of water at each point, but this was metered and regularly monitored. The Director confirmed he would consult with colleagues and circulate an update.


The Chairman asked Members to submit their suggestions for locations of refill sites within the City.


Plastic Wrapping

Members expressed concern as to whether envelopes posted out containing Committee meeting papers were recyclable. The Chairman advised that the existing envelopes could be returned to the post room for recycling, however Members raised the point that the envelopes used should be of robust quality, particularly when containing confidential information.

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