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The City of London Corporation’s DRAFT Sport and Physical Activity Strategy for 2020-25:   A Report of the Head of Corporate Strategy and Performance.


The Chairman agreed to admit the following item of urgent business:


The City of London Corporation’s Draft Sport and Physical Activity Strategy for 2020-25

Members received a report of the Head of Corporate Strategy and Performance in respect of the City Corporation’s Draft Sport and Physical Activity Strategy for 2020-25.  Member noted that the report was being presented to a number of committees and comments from previous meetings had been circulated to the Health and Wellbeing Board.  Members asked if all comments could be circulated to the relevant committees at the end of the consultation period.


During the discussion the following points were raised:


           Currently the report is a ‘wish list’ and required more focus on a specific priority or priorities. 


           Could schools be included as part of ‘making the most of our assets?


           Could we include reference to the City being a water fronted authority and the fact that rowing is well support by the City Corporation?


           Could existing relationships with Sport England and Marathon Charities be expanded?


           Could opportunities in the wider open spaces beyond the City be explored?


           Could the existing levels of ‘invisible exercise’ be surveyed; ie – walking, cycling and gym use?  Could gyms offer reduced rates to residents at weekends; as is the case at the Golden Lane Leisure Centre?


The Head of Service advised that a summary of spending was being compiled. The report before Members sought their views on commissioning a review of the commercial prospects of existing assets and how best to promote participation and access. Members noted that a review of needs and opportunities (such as to accessing City gyms at discounted rates) was required and more detailed information on stakeholders’ views.  The Head of Service explained that this would help us to understand where and how to remove the barriers to participation and what the City Corporation should focus on.  The report therefore suggested that this would best be carried out by experts in the field.


Members noted that the next version of the report would focus on their input and, as the Strategy progresses, officers would seek to fill any gaps in stakeholder views and data.  Members also noted comments from previous committees on streamlining the governance and ownership of the Strategy.  The Head of Service would be taking the Town Clerk’s advice as to how this should be taken forward. 


RESOLVED, that – the report and Members’ comments be noted. 

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