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Garden Waste Recycling Trial on the Barbican Estate

Report of the Director of Built Environment.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Built Environment concerning the garden waste recycling trial on the Barbican Estate, reporting on the result of the trial which had a low participation from residents and consequently a high cost.


A Member advised that the low participation rate may have been related to poor advertising of the trial, and that the trial was carried out during summer, rather than another time of year when there would be more garden waste.


The Chairman requested a further report at a future meeting following progress with the new cleansing contract. The Director for Built Environment advised that the new contract would start in April 2019, so future reports would reflect the transition from the terminating contract to the new contract.


RESOLVED – That the Committee does not continue with the separate collection of Garden Waste, as the cost is extremely high (£1,300/tonne) and the quantities collected have had a minimal impact on the City’s recycling rate. The issue will be revisited as soon as it is reasonably practical after the new Waste Collection, Street Cleansing and Ancillary Services contract has been mobilised as the new contract may offer alternative options which may reduce the overall costs to make the provision of a garden waste service more attractive.

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