Agenda item

Outstanding References

Report of the Town Clerk.


Members considered a report of the Town Clerk regarding outstanding references from previous meetings and the following points were made.


1 – Fraudulent Cryptocurrencies


·         In response to an update from the Commissioner noting that advice regarding fraudulent cryptocurrencies had been uploaded on to the City of London Police website, the Chairman requested that this reference be retained for the foreseeable future so that it could be periodically reviewed by the Board.


2 – Cyber Training


·         The Commissioner noted that a training session had been scheduled for 15 December 2018.


3 – Economic Crime Victims Unit


·         The Chairman noted that this was now a standing agenda item and so this reference could be closed.


The Chairman noted that the following references were on the agenda at that meeting and could therefore be closed.


·         4 – Quarter Date Staff Estimates

·         5 – Demand, outcome and trends report

·         6 – Glossary of Terms

·         7 – Surveys

·         8 – Explanation of recruitment challenges


RESOLVED, that the report be received.



Supporting documents: