Agenda item

Outstanding Actions

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee received the current list of outstanding actions.


Electric Vehicle Charging

The Director of Transportation and Public Realm advised that Transport for London had agreed to install a charging point on Noble Street in January 2019, but at present there was no further update. The Chairman advised Members that he had raised the concerns of the delay informally with the Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy.


A Member raised the point that the City Corporation was the only Local Authority without charging points for electric vehicles, aside from those in the car parks, and this needed to be resolved.


The Chairman asked the Director of Transportation and Public Realm to produce a report on this matter for the Committee setting out the background and proposals. 


S.101 Agreements

The Interim Director of Consumer Protection and Market Operations advised that officers were awaiting the outcome of a cabinet meting with Tower Hamlets due to take place in February 2019 after which it was hoped the Section 101 Agreement would be signed for enforcement on the north side of Tower Bridge.


Water Refill Points

In response to a Member’s request for an update on water readings and further information, the Assistant Director of Cleansing explained that eight water refill points would be installed, one in March 2019 and the remaining seven by August 2019. If any further points were to be considered, this would be reviewed as part of a business case. It was explained that the refill point at Carter Lane was unmetered but discussions were taking place with Thames Water and an update would be provided to Members in due course. Whilst meter readings were taken of the other refill points, there was concern as to what information this could provide due to seasonal variations. The Chairman asked for the data to be circulated to the Committee via the Town Clerk when available.


Bloomberg Litter Monitoring

The Assistant Director of Cleansing explained that a meeting with Bloomberg had taken place and a commitment had been given that Bloomberg would conduct street cleaning sweeps beyond their boundaries up to the Magistrates’ Court. They had also expressed interest in the City Corporation's Clean City Award Scheme and Plastics Campaign.


The Chairman advised that the following actions could be removed from the report as they had now been resolved: Bloomberg Litter Monitoring, Modern Slavery and Vehicle Alarms.


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