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Measurement and mitigation options for operational rail noise from London Underground affecting the Barbican Estate.

Report of the Interim Director of Consumer Protection & Market Operations.


The Committee considered a report of the Interim Director of Consumer Protection and Market Operationson how to mitigate and gain a reduction in the noise and vibration to the residents of the Barbican Estate affected by the operational rail noise from London Underground sub-surface train lines running beneath the estate.


The Chairman reminded Members that a six-page letter of response from London Underground had recently been circulated to Members of the Committee. The Interim Director of Consumer Protection and Market Operations advised that it was intended for officers, Cole Jarman and London Underground specialists to meet to agree on what mitigation measures could be implemented.


Members thanked the officers for the work carried out and for commissioning the Cole Jarman report which had been provided to the Committee. Members expressed their disappointment regarding the letter received from London Underground and asked that this issue continue to be considered by the Committee. The Chairman noted that representatives from Transport for London were in the Public Gallery and had heard the views of the Committee.


Discussion took place on the level of noise being experienced by residents and the impact this had had. Members asked that officers look at the costs involved in progressing the work and ways the mitigation measures could be funded. 


The Chairman asked that an update be provided to the March 2019 Committee meeting on the meetings due to take place with officers, TfL and Cole Jarman and asked whether Cole Jarman or TFL could provide further information regarding the proposed works including costs, and the impact this would have on residents. The Chairman noted that Members could not support the implementation of the night tube until these issues were resolved.


RESOLVED - That the Committee note the content of the report and endorse the actions as set out in paragraphs 15 to 18. 


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