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Department of the Built Environment (Cleansing Services) Business Plan Progress Report for Period 2 (August - November) 2018

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


The Committee received a report of the Director of the Built Environment, which set out the progress made during period two (August – November) against the 2015/18 DEB Business Plan for Public Conveniences, Waste Collection, Street Cleansing, Waste Disposal and Transport Services.   


This Director of the Built Environment advised that one of the initiatives as set out in the report before Members would seek to improve recycling rates. In response to Member’s questions on how the City Corporation monitored recycling and waste, the Director explained that a waste composition analysis was conducted every two years; the results provided from that was subsequently used to target residents and this formed part of the Recycling Action Plan.


The Chairman suggested it would be useful when sending residents their council tax bills, to also provide information as to what could be recycled, particularly which types of plastics, as this varied within London Boroughs and it could be a challenge for people to know what was recyclable



RESOLVED - That the Committee note the report.


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