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Internal Audit Recommendations Follow-up

Report of the Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management.


The Committee received a report of the Head of Audit and Risk Management which provided an update on the outcome of a recent follow-up exercise focused on red and amber priority recommendations due for implementation by 30 November 2018.  The report identified that 52% of high priority recommendations had been fully implemented at the time of follow-up, 17% were partially implemented and 31% had not been implemented or evidence had not been provided to demonstrate implementation.


The Chairman requested the report be brought to the Committee twice per year.


Regarding non-compliance with Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, the Police Commissioner advised that there have been challenges with FOI requests due to staff turnover and vacant posts. There were 297 cases outstanding last year. Invalid cases were closed, with an additional 71 cases to be closed by the end of the month as information was received. Members asked that the Police Commissioner provide an update on arrears in the future.


Members expressed concern with Appendix 2 ‘High Priority Recommendations Partially Implemented/ Not Implemented’, with several items New Target Date listed as TBC. The Chamberlain advised that target dates are set in consultation with Chief Officers, and at times there is difficulty confirming dates with the Chief Officers.


With regards to the issue of the catering contract, the City Solicitor advised that the catering contract should have been signed months ago but the caterer required clarification on certain liabilities. The City Solicitor noted that he hoped to have contracts signed by the end of the month.


The Deputy Chairman (external) was pleased with the detail of the report, and having three columns was helpful in identifying slippages. However, the Deputy Chairman (external) asked the Head of Audit and Risk Management what the Committee could do to assist in creating realistic recommendations and dates.


The Head of Audit and Risk Management advised that they are working with Chief Officers to confirm dates, but where there are issues, this will be brought to the Committee in the future. There is concern that the difficulty in confirming dates demonstrated a lack of ownership.


RESOLVED – That the report be received and its contents noted.


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