Agenda item

Annual Review of Terms of Reference

Members are asked to consider the Committees Terms of Reference and make any comments or suggestions thereon.


Members considered the RCC’s current Terms of Reference Map referred to in ToR and made the following comments.


1.     Could the map of the Estate Boundaries be appended to the Terms of Reference. 


2.     Members noted the BRC’s Terms of Reference in respect of ‘other occupiers’, which includes; ‘the management of all completed residential premises and ancillary accommodation on the Barbican Estate, e.g. the commercial premises, launderette, car parks, baggage stores, etc. (and, in fulfilling those purposes, to have regard to any representations made to it by the Barbican Estate Residents’ Consultation Committee)’.  It was suggested that the RCC’s Terms of Reference be  specific in respect of ‘other occupiers’.


3.     Could there be a reference to reducing costs and investment; i.e. an example being the work of the Asset Maintenance and Underfloor Heating Working Parties.


4.     The integrity of the Estate falls within the remit of the Barbican Association, who closely monitor Licensing and Planning Applications.


RESOLVED, that – the Town Clerk include the above comments in a re-draft of the RCC’s Terms of Reference, for Members to consider further at their next meeting on 4th March 2019.



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