Agenda item

Annual Review of Working Parties

Members are asked to consider the Terms of Reference and Membership of the various Working Parties and to make any comments or suggestions thereon.


Members considered the Membership and Terms and Reference in respect of its working parties and the following points were noted.


1.     Fann Street Wildlife Garden is called Barbican Wildlife Garden.


2.     The SLA Working Party is highly valued as the keeper of the Estate’s ‘to do’ list.


3.     Members look forward to receiving the Asset Maintenance Working Party’s report.


4.     The Chairman and Members thanked David Lawrence and his Team for the work of the Leaseholder Service Charge Working Party.


5.     Report of the Underfloor Heating Working Party


Ted Reilly provided an update on the work of the Underfloor Heating Working Party, following the concerns raised at the last meeting about a perceived lack of progress.  Members noted a recent and very constructive officer meeting, with Mary Durcan in the Chair, and the Working Party now had a short shopping list of ‘quick wins’. Members agreed that the new control system had been an excellent step forward. 


Ted advised that the quick wins included  an audit of the 3 different loadings and how they are charged for. The potential to produce , a web page  providing information as to how long the  heating had been on the previous night, with the  profile of temperatures.  Officers  had devised a mechanism to enable the Estate Office to move some of the power from January and February to the ‘shoulder’  months of October and May. Feedback on the latter proposal would be sought at the BA AGM. The  proposal would be cost neutral.  


There was a discussion as to how some flats were warmer or colder than others, depending on their position.  The Working Party had an objective whereby flats would be able to have some control of their own heat and a trial was underway  for ‘trimmers’ in 2 flats, whereby the temperature could be turned down but not up.  


Members were asked to note the covenants of the Lease that sets the basis of the background heating system.  Whilst some were happy with this, some residents would appreciate the option to purchase more heat, if required.  There were further suggestions in respect of double glazing and the bulk-buying of electricity falling within the remit of this Working Party.  More positively, the survey had found that the underfloor heating kits within the flats were in excellent condition and the failure rate of the heating pads was very low, at just 2 or 3 a year.  .


In concluding, the Chairman and Members commended the Working Party on an excellent project. 



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