Agenda item

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

To approve:


1.     The public minutes and summary of the meeting held on 4th June 2018.


2.     The public minutes of the special meeting held on 21st  June 2018.


RESOLVED, that - the public minutes and non-public summary of the meetings held on 4th June 2018 and 21st June 2018 (Special Meeting) be approved.


Matters arising

Deputy David Bradshaw had submitted the following comments in respect of the minutes of the meeting held on the 4th June 2018:


1.     Car parking facilities on the Golden Lane Estate (GLE) were not comparable to those in the Barbican; residents of GLE park their cars in self-contained lockable garages as opposed to Barbican residents, who merely occupy a space in a communal car park area.


2.     It was not correct to state that, before the Working Party was established, there had been no charging policy;the policy before was that proposed price increases would be based on CPI levels, with effect from September of the year in question.




4.          Minutes of Inquorate Meetings

RESOLVED, that - the minutes of the inquorate meetings held on 17th September 2018 and 10th December 2018 be approved.


Supporting documents: