Agenda item


To agree the public minutes and summary of the meeting held on 18 December 2018.


With regard to the minute for item 7, on page 5, a Member clarified that the public lift report contained details of lifts that were in service less than 95% of the time, rather than out of service, and the minute should be corrected to reflect this.




The Chairman noted that there was no public lift report on the agenda for today’s meeting and asked officers whether this was because no public lifts had been in service for less than 95% of the time. A Member responded that they did not think this was the case as they had noticed that the public lifts on High Walk at London Wall Place, and on Silk Street, had been out of service.


The Chairman reminded officers that the Committee wanted to receive reports whenever lifts had been out of service and asked that this be communicated to the City Surveyor.


RESOLVED – That, pending the above correction, the minutes of the meeting on 18 December 2018 be agreed a correct record.

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