Agenda item

Charging Policy for Car Parking and Stores

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.


Members considered a report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services in respect of a charging policy for car parking and stores on the Barbican Estate.  The RCC had considered this report at its November 2018 meeting and the minute from this meeting, setting out their comments, were appended at Appendix 6 to the report.


During the discussion on this item, the following points were noted:


  1. The Planning Committee’s recent decision to increase all City car park charges to an equitable level, which would resolve the current situation whereby Barbican residents were able to park more cheaply at London Wall Car Park. 


  1. A three-year phased increase was proposed and the Car Park Charges Working Party would continue to meet and report back to the BRC on a regular basis, with the aim of eliminating the deficit on the Barbican Car Parks.


  1. The perception of the Barbican as an affluent area despite having its car parks subsidised by the City was not satisfactory.  However, whilst residents accepted some increase was necessary, they had objected to this being too high and too fast.  It was also accepted that it was not satisfactory to have a high number of empty Barbican car park spaces, whilst cheaper public car parks were being used by residents.


  1. As set out in the minutes from the inquorate meeting in December 2018, officers had not been able to complete the consultation process due to lack of resources. 


  1. The Assistant Director advised that approvals were in place for a departmental restructure, with additional resources, with effect from April 2019.  Meanwhile, it was understood that the Estate Office served residents to the best of its ability, within current resources.


  1. It was suggested that some residents might be willing to consider an increase in service charges, in order to cover additional services such as those discussed that day.  It was noted that the Finance Committee actively encouraged this kind of income generation.


RESOLVED, that - the decision be deferred to the March 2019 meeting of the Barbican Residential Committee.



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