Agenda item

Outstanding Actions

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee received a report of the Town Clerk setting out their current list of outstanding actions.


Updates were provided as follows:


Electric Vehicle Charging:

A Members’ Briefing took place on the 28 February 2019, where Members were provided with a detailed briefing and the tasks being undertaken by Officers to achieve the milestones were explained. The slides and minutes of this session had subsequently been circulated to all Members of the Committee.


The previous deadline set by Transport for London for the installation of the Noble Street rapid charging point had, unfortunately, been missed and a new date of mid-March had now been given. Officers stated they found this both disappointing and unacceptable and had raised the matter with TfL at the highest level.


Concerning the Baynard House installation, where eight to ten rapid charging points would be introduced this year, design work was progressing rapidly and structural surveys were about to be undertaken.


Officers reported that they had received great support for the concept of “off street installation points”, in locations such as carparks, depots and loading bays. They also reported that charging points for taxis and freight would be prioritised given that these vehicles tended to be the highest polluters in the City. This was also being actively explored by the City’s Markets.


Over the next six months the City of London Corporation would be looking at other methods of provision and the use of alternative charging technologies, with the aim of making the City of London Corporation a leader in this field.


The Chairman reported that the ambition of a report coming to Committee in May 2019 had been superseded by a wider piece of work being undertaken by the Department of Built Environment around an Electric Vehicle Charging Action Plan which was expected by December 2019.


 S.101 Agreements:

Tower Hamlets Council’s Cabinet approved the agreement on the 7 February 2019. This had subsequently been signed by the City Corporation and returned to Tower Hamlets for finalisation. It was hoped that this would be complete by the end of the week. As soon as this had taken place, active enforcement could commence. 


Measurement and mitigation options for operational rail noise from London Underground affecting the Barbican Estate:

Officers reported that a track walk had taken place last week. Officers and the City’s consultant would be meeting with TfL’s Head of Track on 11 March 2019 to discuss what could be done to progress the resolution of this matter.


Officers undertook to provide the Committee with an update on this matter via email after the 11 March 2019 meeting.


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