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City of London Transport Strategy, Cleaner and quieter outcome – consultation response

Report of the Director of the Department of the Built Environment.


The Committee received a report of the Director of the Built Environment providing Members with an update on the ‘Cleaner and Quieter’ outcomes following consultation on the draft Transport Strategy.


Officers reported that the Transport Strategy supported and complemented the City’s Air Quality Strategy.


It was noted that the City of London Corporation were working with Transport for London regarding the routing of buses and promoting the use hybrid/electric buses where possible. It was hoped that such vehicles would be used on all City routes by 2020.  The City of London Corporation was continuing to push on this and had a target of all vehicles in the City being Zero Emission by 2030.


In response to questions around the 9,500 premature deaths relating to air pollution in London, Officers confirmed that this was a London-wide figure and was drawn from figures published by the Mayor of London. The figure related to people whose deaths had been impacted on and cut short in some way by air pollution.


A Member raised concerns around the high levels of pollution shown on a map in the report for the Tower Hill area which was situated within her Ward. Officers reported that the map had been computer modelled and may be based on assumptions that may be questionable. However, additional monitoring of nitrogen dioxide levels in this area would take place.


RESOLVED – that the Committee note the report.


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