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Draft Air Quality Strategy

Report of the Interim Director of Consumer Protection and Markets Operations.


The Committee considered a report of the Interim Director of Consumer Protection and Markets Operationson the Draft Air Quality Strategy.


Offices informed Members that the Draft Air Quality Strategy paper presented to them was the 3rd Draft Air Quality Strategy, though an action plan had been in place since 2002. The City of London Corporation has a statutory duty to assist the Mayor of London in taking measures to reduce levels of air pollution, as well as a responsibility to improve public health.


The Draft Air Quality Strategy seeks to bring together data and work on improving air quality. It is worth noting that air quality is a priority for the City of London Corporation as it is now underpinning the City of London Corporation’s Corporate Plan. As a result of the work undertaken, air quality in the City is improving and will continue to improve.


Officers reported that the City were also currently working with London Councils on the development of a Private Members Bill aimed at reducing emissions. The cross departmental action detailed within the strategy also demonstrated that air quality was a corporate priority for the Corporation. The strategy also referred to the importance of effective communications around this.


The proposed consultation will last for eight weeks, with the launch being imminent. Officers plan to report back to the Committee with their findings in July 2019. 


In response to questions, Officers stated that the fact that data showed that the majority of particulate pollution in the City originated elsewhere served to underline the importance of collaborative work. There was an Appendix within the strategy dedicated to this. The Committee requested a better explanation of the premature death figures and suggested that the figures detail the split between those deaths attributable to nitrogen dioxide and those attributable to particulates. Officers undertook to include this breakdown in the final version of the Strategy.


RESOLVED – that the Committee approve the content of the draft Air Quality Strategy for public consultation.


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