Agenda item

Gresham College Council Appointments

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee received a report of the Town Clerk regarding appointments to Gresham College Council. The Committee noted the current terms and that it was proposed that the current arrangements should continue if Members were willing.


The Committee also noted the City Side appointments to the College Council Committees. Deputy Tom Hoffman, whilst content to continue on the Council and its two Committees, expressed his consciousness of the demands on his time caused by his new role as Chief Commoner and indicated he would be happy to step aside should another Member be interested. Members noted that Deputy Hoffman had also served on the College Council for a considerable period of time. The Chairman undertook to canvas other eligible Members following the meeting and the Committee agreed to delegate authority to him, the Deputy Chairman and the Town Clerk to finalise the appointments and make any requisite changes should a suitable candidate be identified.


RESOLVED – That Nicholas Bensted-Smith, Deputy Tom Hoffman, John Scott, and Deputy Dr Giles Shilson be reappointed to the Gresham College Council, and that authority be delegated to the Town Clerk, in consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, to make any amendment to the City Side appointments during the coming year.

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