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Parent, Community and Commercial Links Survey Results

Report of the Chief Executive Officer.


Trustees considered a report of the Chief Executive Officer outlining the results of the Parent, Community and Commercial Links Survey and the following points were made:


·         The survey had been circulated to all Trust academies on 25 February 2019 to review the activities and processes in place to promote and maintain good parent, community and commercial links.


·         Seven academies had responded to the survey, the findings of which would be shared with schools across the Trust.  Schools would be supported to develop a plan to build stronger parent, community and commercial links with progress monitored via an annual survey.


·         Good parent links had been identified as key to supporting schools to build positive relationships with parents and carers, and this could include parents’ associations and forums.


·         The survey wording should be reviewed to ensure schools were providing comparable data.  For example, by requesting details of both the types and frequency of activities delivered, rather than the number. 


·         The survey identified that there were limited opportunities for parents to meet Governors.  Raising the profile of Governors within schools would be a key element in strengthening the relationship between schools and parents and carers, and Governors should be encouraged to attend school events and activities where possible.


·         The diversity of schools within the Trust meant that there were a number of cultural, geographical and scheduling factors that could act as a barrier to schools participating in activities or events, including student travel or events scheduled during exam or work experience periods.  A Trustee suggested that Prefect dinners offered a good opportunity for schools to engage.


·         Only four schools had reported that they currently took part in City of London events and it was important to ensure Trust schools were able to benefit from the unique opportunities offered by the City of London.


·         Newham Collegiate Sixth Form did not have a nominated charity, and this was an area the school might consider exploring in developing community and commercial links.


·         Social media would be a key tool in strengthening engagement between schools, parent and carers and pupils, as well as in building stronger commercial and community links. 


In concluding, Trustees noted that the survey would be repeated on an annual basis to identify how parent, community and commercial links were developing and requested that the survey be provided to the Committee for consideration before it was circulated to schools in early 2020.


RESOLVED, that Trustees note the report.

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