Agenda item

Outstanding actions

To note the current list of outstanding actions.



The Committee received a report of the Town Clerk setting out their current list

of outstanding actions. Updates were provided as follows:


Electric Vehicle Charging

The installation of charging point in Noble Street has made progress and the charging point was operational as of the 2 May 2019. The Committee noted that a full report on future charging strategy would be tabled at the September / November 2019 meeting of the Committee.


Water Refill Points

The 8 new water refill points to be installed by August 2019. The water refill point on Carter Lane Gardens has now had a meter installed which is providing data.  Additionally, the refill points in Bow Churchyard and 60 St Mary Axe have also been commissioned.


Garden Waste Recycling

A new contract has been agreed between Cleansing Service and Veolia, with a dedicated team which has enabled a reduced time period for contract mobilisation. The new contract is now live and operational. An update on garden waste recycling would be provided to the July 2019 meeting of the Committee as part of a further report on mobilisation.


Measurement and mitigation options for operational rail noise from London Underground affecting the Barbican Estate

The Pollution Team Manager from the City of London met with TfL Representatives who advised that a detailed technical response would be provided by mid-June 2019. At present the matter is being dealt with by Duncan Weir, Head of Track at the TfL. A further update would be provided to the July 2019 meeting of the Committee.


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