Agenda item

Progress report on mobilisation of the new waste and cleansing contract

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Built Environment on the progress report on the mobilisation of the new waste and cleansing contract.  The City of London has been working closely with Veolia ES (UK) Ltd (Veolia) to address issues. Veolia had responded quickly to any issues arising. 


There had been a loss of data and invoice addresses for the commercial waste business by the previous contractor. Veolia have now identified all these customers.


Members were further informed that Veolia covers all the vehicle charges itself and the contractors were happy with the current arrangement, which meets their standards. 


RESOLVED – that the Committee:

·         Note the report and the commencement of the new contract.

·         Note the proposed KPIs at Appendix 1.

·         Agree that a further progress report be brought back to this committee in September with a particular focus upon the delivery of the mobilisation Plan

as set out at Appendix 2.


Supporting documents: