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Update on Street Trading Enforcement for the City's Bridges

Report of the Interim Director of Consumer Protection and Market Operations.


The Committee considered a report of the Interim Director of Consumer Protection & Market Operations on the Update on Street Trading Enforcement for the City’s



Members were advised that the City of London has a Section 101 agreement with Tower Hamlets Council and Southwark Council and continues to work in partnership with the boroughs. The City of London recently had seized several illegal items not just from nuts sellers but also from gamblers. The illegal traders are moving from one bridge to another in order to avoid being caught.  A request has been sought to extend the City of London’s area of enforcement on the Southside of the Millennium Bridge.


Members were further informed that Officers from the City of London are working with agencies including the City of London Police, HMRC and Border Force Officers to launch further operations at the last minute to catch offenders off guard. This has resulted in an individual being taken to court.


There was a discussion around the fact that there are certain sellers who the City of London cannot legally stop such as flower sellers and shoeshine operators.  


RESOLVED – that the Committee:

Note the contents of the report and that officers will be undertaking a full review

prior to the end of the two-year trial period.


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