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Guildhall and Walbrook Wharf - Major Works and Prioritisation Update

Report of the City Surveyor.


Members considered the City Surveyor’s report on Guildhall and Walbrook Wharf – major works and prioritisation update.


It was noted during discussion that the forthcoming Resource Allocation Sub Committee away day discussions would be likely to provide some clarity on corporate future funding and prioritisation options.




a)    approval be given to the current prioritisation of major projects that are recommended to proceed set out in Appendix 1, with an estimated project value of £17.59m, subject to any fundamental review considerations, with one project deferred;


b)    a decision be deferred at this stage on the future major projects 1 to 7 set out in Appendix 2 with a combined value of £10.52m;


c)    it be noted that if the Annual Capital Bid process for those projects referred to in b) is approved, the schemes set out in Appendix 2 will compete against other corporate bids prior to receiving approved funding to proceed; and


d)    Schemes 8 to 31 in Appendix 2, with an estimated project cost of £48.74m (excluding risk) and which are still deemed essential but have been prioritised lower, also be deferred at this stage and considered in future years.


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