Agenda item

Gender Identity Policy

Report of the Town Clerk and Chief Executive.


Members received a report of the Town Clerk and Chief Executive concerning the

City of London Corporation’s Policy on Gender Identity, and the findings from

independent analysis of an online survey conducted in 2018. The following

comments were made:


·         Members were advised that the aim of the Policy was to provide a high-level Corporation-wide strategy with the flexibility to allow individual Departments to incorporate their own specific considerations. It was noted that this Policy had recently been discussed by the Grand Committee with particular reference to the single-sex Ponds.


·         A Member (London Council for Recreation and Sport) felt that the Policy was the right approach but that there was nothing regarding how this would be monitored.


·         In response to a query regarding what was meant by the statement of someone who “consistently identifies with a different gender should be accepted by society in that gender”, it was stated that there were no hard rules but that the Corporation were following advice and Equalities law. Members were advised that the Team had received gender identity training which taught that people were to be treated equally and with respect and dignity.  


·         The Heath’s Business Manager confirmed they were leading on developing values for the Ponds to support the Strategy. She confirmed there was ongoing dialogue and meetings to discuss trans issues at the Ponds and that guidelines were being drafted to provide to the public and assist staff including training and posters.   


·         With regards to the occasional media impact on the Ponds regarding gender identity, the Superintendent confirmed that the Team was working with the Media Team and Members were advised that any queries from the media must be directed straight to the Media Team for a response.


RESOLVED – That Members:-


·         Consider the survey findings;


·         Note the Gender Identity Policy and its implications for them.

Supporting documents: