Agenda item

Update in the Impact of the UK leaving the EU (Brexit) on Port Health and Public Protection

The Director of  Markets & Consumer Protection to be heard.


The Committee received an oral update from the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection. The Director of Markets and Consumer Protection informed the Committee that the department had been working to ensure it can continue to operate business as usual in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. The Department is lobbying various stakeholders including the Chairman of the International Trade Select Committee and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to promote the principles previously agreed by Members.


The Markets and Consumer Protection Department has also secured £400,000 of funding from the Food Standard Agency to help with the preparation for Brexit.


There was a discussion around Port Health service provision post 31 October 2019 and what will happen to the goods coming in from Europe as well as third countries.  Additional staff have been recruited and trained to maintain service continuity.


Members were further informed that all high-risk products have to enter the country through an approved port. Border Force will assist in detecting non-compliant goods at the ports. Moreover, the Committee were informed that EU legislation has been transposed into UK Law. In the event of any infectious disease outbreaks, the Food Standards Agency or Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs will intervene.


Access to the rapid alert system which enables information to be shared between EU Members states is still under negotiation.  


RESOLVED – that the Committee note the oral report and that further update reports will be made to subsequent meetings of the Committee.