Agenda item

Major Works Maintenance Forecasting and Gap Funding - Operational Property Portfolio


The City Surveyor reported on major works maintenance forecasting and gap funding - operational property portfolio.


A Member raised the matter of sustainable buildings and zero carbon emissions and the City Surveyor undertook to bring these concerns to the attention of the project group.




a)    the Sub Committee notes the potential funding requirement for the prioritised major works maintenance across the operational estate due from 2020/2021, and within the next 5 years, and that this requirement will be subject to future prioritisation and the subsequent Annual Capital Bid Process;


b)    approval be given in principle to a major works maintenance bid for the LMA, at an estimated sum of £3.22m, which will be subject to the Annual Capital Bid Process this year and the fundamental review;


c)    a further report on CWP minor works maintenance be submitted to the Sub Committee in the Autumn this year; and


d)    the requirement for a strategy of rationalisation of the operational estate, to help reduce the potential running costs including maintenance liability going forward, be reaffirmed.