Agenda item

Policy and Resources Committee

To consider a number of minor amendments to Standing Orders.




(Deputy Catherine McGuinness)

4 July 2019

Standing Orders: Light Touch Review

Over recent years, a number of ad hoc amendments had been made to the City Corporation’s Standing Orders. It had become apparent that a small number of inconsistencies had crept in over time which needed to be corrected; in addition, a handful of legislative changes which had come into force in recent years were not wholly reflected within the latest document.


A light-touch review had, therefore, been undertaken to correct any inconsistencies in the Standing Orders, to provide further clarity where necessary, and to bring them up to date with legislation.


As the Committee responsible for the review and co-ordination of the governance of the City of London Corporation, including its committees, standing orders and outside bodies scheme, the Policy and Resources Committee now recommended the Court to approve the amended document accordingly.


Amendment – That Standing Order 14(1) be amended to read “a Member demanding a Division must stand for that purpose (if able to do so). A Division will not be allowed unless another 11 Members (i.e. 12 in total) stand in their places (if able to do so) to support the demand.”


Resolved – That the proposed changes to Standing Orders be approved as set out at Appendix 1, subject to the amendment passed in respect of Standing Order 14(1).

Supporting documents: