Agenda item

The City Bridge Trust Committee

To consider proposals relative to the financial thresholds associated with grant applications approved under delegated arrangements.


The City Bridge Trust Committee


(Dhruv Patel, O.B.E.)

25 July 2019

Thresholds for grant approvals under delegated powers

At its July 2019 meeting, your City Bridge Trust Committee agreed to adjust the financial thresholds within which decisions on funding recommendations could be made by officers or the Chairman and Deputy Chairman under delegated powers. This was in order to increase the time available at meetings for discussion about strategy and wider policy issues.


These thresholds were last reviewed and set in 2014. Changes to them are subject to the final approval of the Court of Common Council and it was recommended that the proposed amendments to the delegations be approved.


Amendment – That recommendation (ii) be altered to require consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman and ensure a greater level of Member oversight.


Resolved – That that the levels of delegation in respect of the consideration of grant applications be adjusted so that:

(i)      Applications of up to £50,000 may be approved by the Chief Grants Officer & Director of City Bridge Trust (CGO).

(ii)      Applications of over £50,000 and up to £100,000 may be approved by the CGO, in consultation with the Chamberlain, Chairman, and Deputy Chairman.

(iii)       Applications of more than £100,000 are to be approved by the City Bridge Trust Committee.

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