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Superintendent's Update

Report of the Superintendent of Epping Forest.


The Committee received a report of the Director of Open Spaces which provided a report summary of the Epping Forest Division’s activities across July 2020. The Chairman commented on the work of Officers across an extremely busy summer period.


Replying to a query from a member of the Committee the Director of Open Spaces confirmed that the engineer’s report on the Wanstead Park reservoirs had been completed and would be incorporated into a report Committee for consideration at the November meeting. Responding to a further comment, the Director of Open Spaces confirmed that the Dams in question were regularly inspected by Officers including the water levels.


Responding to a query from the Deputy Chairman the Director of Open Spaces explained the City of London Corporation’s policy with regard to rough sleepers in Epping Forest noting the Corporation’s adherence to the ‘No Second Night Policy’ and the cooperation with relevant local authorities to assist rough sleepers.


The Chairman of Open Spaces and City Gardens Committee referenced a recent publication on the voltage shocks to cattle in invisible fencing and requested further information on the use of electric collars in the management of the cattle in Epping Forest. The Director of Open Spaces explained that the shocks to cattle in the invisible fencing system were less than the equivalent from physical fences and observed that, as an audio warning precedes the shock administered, cattle quickly learn to avoid these prohibited areas and therefore rarely experienced any shock. In addition, the Director of Open Spaces explained that the invisible fence system could not be extended to deer in the Forest and these were wild animals.


The Director of Open Spaces explained that the Deer Strategy was due to be completed and ready for the Committee’s consideration at the meeting in November. In addition, it was confirmed that the Cooped Hall management plan, which was also due to Committee consideration, would look at the management of the reservoir present at the site.


RESOLVED- That the report be noted.











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