Agenda item

The Mackey Review

The Chairman to be heard.


Sir Craig Mackey was heard regarding his review into Action Know Fraud and the following points were made.


·         Sir Craig noted the context within which he had been appointed, namely the adverse press reporting regarding Action Know Fraud that had arisen during August 2019. He welcomed the City of London Police Authority and Force’s prompt action in seeking to deal with the issues identified by the press, which involved the establishment of the review he had been tasked with delivering. He hoped his review would help the City understand what was working well within Action Know Fraud and similarly what areas for improvement existed. The review would also encompass the wider economic crime environment, it being notable that a third of the crime dealt with in the UK was economic crime. Since his appointment he had been engaging with key stakeholders both within and without the City, including Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary. The next phase of the review would examine the ‘nuts and bolts’ processes of Action Know Fraud.  


·         The Chairman thanked Sir Craig for attending the Board, and the pace at which he had set up and proceeded with his review. The Chairman noted that the United Kingdom was the only country to have adopted a system such as Action Know Fraud, with many of the UKs peers envious of the capability it provided.


·         In response to questions from Members, Sir Craig noted that his colleague was undertaking a site visit to the Action Know Fraud call centre in Scotland at present, and that he planned to submit interim updates to each Board meeting ahead of submitting his report in the New Year.


RESOLVED, that the update be noted.