Agenda item

Annual agenda plan for the Board of Governors

Report of the Principal, Guildhall School.


The Committee received the report of the Principal of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama on the annual agenda plan for the Board of Governors.


The agenda plan points out the mandatory reporting which are required for the School, on top of the additional themes adopted from the previous academic year to ensure that School’s activities are covered.


The Chairman informed the Committee that there needs to a benchmark with the Guildhall School of Music & Drama leading the way in terms of setting out good practices. The Committee was informed that in November 2018, there was a circulation of the terms of responsibilities for the Governors.


There was a discussion around the five years action plan, which concluded with the decision that the action plan needs to be inspected by the Board of Governors.  


Furthermore, the Chairman commented that the reference of the code of practice is a governing document and that the Teaching Excellence Framework is a government assessment for the quality of undergraduate teaching in universities and other higher education providers in England. The chairman went on to explaining that the Office for Student’s acts as the regulator for the higher education and looks after the student’s activities, whereas Student’s England looks after the School’s funding.


The Chairman went onto ask the Committee its thoughts on the document being shared with the Board of Governors, which after some debate was agreed, with the understanding that the Code of Governance will be used to manage the Code of Practice. The Committee went through the Board of Governors Annual Plan rolling document, a Member suggested actioned marked as “to be confirmed” are also completed and shared with the wider Committee, which will be a good opportunity to update the Board of Governors too.


A Member asked if the Student’s Union of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama was in receipt of any funding from the School. The Committee were informed that the Student’s Union does receiving funding from the School. The incoming President of the Student’s Union is asked to provide their budget to the School. It was agreed that it is vital that the Board gets to see the achievements, challenges and aspirations of the Student’s Union.


There was a discussion around ensuring that each outgoing Student’s Union Presidents provided their end of year report on their spending. It was agreed that there was no way of ensuring a guarantee on this as it is up to the outgoing President to take the onus of the reporting.  The Chairman suggested as a way around this obstacle, the School works with the Student’s Union Presidents and provide them with a template, which can be populated with achievements as the academic year progresses.


A Member suggested that that the Safeguarding Update is a standing item which should be noted and brought as an agenda item at every meeting.


The Chairman took the opportunity to update the Committee on the Academic Assurance Working Group and mentioned that there will be a report which will sign off the work of the Working Group.


A Member asked if there was Committee Plan and to ensure that the School’s Committee is sharing the plan with wider stakeholders as a good practice. The Town Clerk’s was asked to provide the School with a skeleton of the Committees.


The Committee was advised that the new role of the Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning was advertised.  The new leadership role will support the development and implementation of effective strategies and policies to deliver key teaching and learning objectives for the School. The application for the role is currently live and would be coming to an end in the next few days. The Committee was advised that a number of suitable candidates have applied for the position and a start date by September 2020 should be possible. 


The gap in vacancy was flagged up by the School in various Boards, the Committee was further assured that the Governance and Strategies are in place to ensure the continuity of the School’s development.


RESOLVED – That the Committee endorse the agenda plan (subject to amendment if required) for adoption during the year.

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