Agenda item

Update on governance arrangements

Report of the Principal.


The Committee received the report of the Principal of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama on the update on governance arrangements.


The Chairman asked if the Committee was in breach of any procedural matters concerning the Clerkship of the meeting. The Town Clerk’s Department advised the Chairman and the Committee that the Principal Officer will be the Clerk, who will be supported by other colleagues. The Principal Officer will act as the first point of contact as constitutionally required.  The Town Clerk’s Department also took the opportunity to assure the Committee that moving forward the transition will be a smoother process with the Principal Officer having an oversight of the Committee.  


Additionally, the Chairman raised concerns that in the past papers for the Committee had gone astray and if this was needed to be reported to the Risk and Audit Committee.


A Member commented on the Committee’s Membership and level of participation through attendance, as in order to ensure a healthy and balanced debate the Committee needs a wider Membership participation in meetings. A Member asked if Co-opted Members reappointment to the Committee should depend on their attendance. The School has agreed to add this on its strategy paper.


RESOLVED – That the Committee notes the report.


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