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Health and Wellbeing Board update

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.



Members received a report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services in respect of; (1) Annual Review of Progress of the City Corporation’s Declaration on Sugar Reduction and Healthier Food; (2) Health and Wellbeing Advisory Group; and (3) Children’s Partnership Board.


Members noted that a range of healthy eating initiatives were bedding into the Corporate Catering Contract, which had commenced in September 2018. The City Corporation’s Environmental Health Team has started to roll-out the Healthier Catering Commitment standard across the City and has adopted a flexible approach, due to the low number of ‘traditional’ take-aways in the City.  The officer also mentioned that some corporate guidance on sponsorships is in development, which will target lower-level contracts held by the City Corporation.


There was some discussion about the importance of education in enabling residents and workers to make informed decisions; noting the common misconceptions about some ‘healthy’ foods, which could be very high in salt and fat content, as well as the more obvious high sugar snacks.  Members noted that officers were particularly mindful of such advice appearing dictatorial and the potentially negative impact on those suffering from eating disorders. 


Members discussed the article in the press today in respect of high childhood obesity levels and suggested that the City School Boards be engaged.  Members also noted that levels of childhood obesity in the City were very low and that work is being conducted at a pan-London level to see whether regulations to restrict junk food advertising from within 100 metres of schools can be extended to other popular settings for children. Members suggested that this could include school trip landmarks.  The CCG representative advised that they were looking to co-ordinate their action plans with respect to tackling childhood obesity and creating healthier food environments for children. 


RESOLVED, that – the report be noted.

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