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Outstanding Actions

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Transportation and Public Realm Director informed the Committee that his team are working closely with Transport for London to install 10 charging points in Baynard House. It was also noted that following advice from the London Fire Brigade, the completion date may need to be reviewed to ensure that the City of London is following health and safety regulations. It is anticipated that the work can start in June 2020. The Committee will be kept updated with the progress.


Water Refill Points

The City of London has written to the CEO of Thames Water. There is now positive engagement with Thames Water now agreeing to progress the work.


Officers from the City of London held a meeting with St Botolph without Bishopsgate Church with reference to their request for water refill points. Further to the meeting, the City of London awaits a decision from church officials.


Garden Waste

An update to be provided to the Committee in March 2020.  Moving forward the Garden Waste can now be removed from the outstanding actions. 

Garden Waste can now be removed from the outstanding tasks.

Measurement and mitigation options for operational rail noise from London Underground affecting the Barbican Estate

The Temporary Speed Restriction (TSR) trial was carried out under Brandon Mews on the 8th November 2019.  The Committee was informed that the outer trains which during normal hours of operation are the loudest and showed a 7dB noise reduction on average during the speed restriction. There was a noticeable reduction, but a significant noise impact would remain on trains passing over the outer rail.  


The current advice from LUL is that a TSR at this location would be extremely difficult to put in place, especially for set times, as it requires a manual application and removal for each day of operation for the off peaks.


In addition, even when the new signalling system is in place (4LM), there is a reluctance from London Underground Operations to consider a permanent TSR on the basis that there has been a huge amount of investment into increasing the number of trains per hour on this part of the track.


LUL have tasked the engineering team to consider any other short-term measures that could alleviate some of the current noise levels residents are experiencing and they will continue to make the case to LUL operational teams to see if anything can be done in the off-peak when the new signalling system is in place.


The full report will be shared as soon as it’s available.


Historic drinking fountains and pumps

an update to be provided to the Committee in March 2020.


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