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The City of London Corporation's DRAFT Sport and Physical Activity Strategy for 2020-25

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee received a report of the Town Clerk on the City of London Corporation’s Draft Sport and Physical Activity Strategy for 2020-25 (the Strategy). 


Members discussed need for further funding of the provision of sports facilities in open spaces managed by the City of London Corporation particularly those facilities which did not meet health and safety requirements. Further to this it was noted that inadequately safe sporting facilities used by children and young people was a clear safeguarding risk which should be added to the Department’s Risk Register and that that the offering of safe sporting facilities be added to the Strategy. The Town Clerk confirmed that the suggested wording could be added to the Strategy and noted that the allocation of resources was a Member decision which would be reflected in the Strategy. The Deputy Chairman recommended that the income received from sporting facilities through fees be added to contrast against the cost of maintenance. 


A Member raised concern at the list of sporting assets in the Strategy which they felt was misleading and at times inaccurate. The Town Clerk replied that they would meet with colleagues in the Open Spaces Department to clarify the list of assets.


Members commented on the governance of the Strategy stating that there should be one body holding the responsibility for its governance and that the open spaces related Committees should be involved with this process. A Member observed that the responsibility for the Strategy would ultimately rest with the Policy and Resources Committee. The Town Clerk explained that the continued governance of the Strategy would be a Member decision which, once made, will be added to the final version.


A Member observed that the Strategy did not provide clarity on the issue of focus between the delivery of major sporting events and supporting existing sporting facilities. Further to this point the Deputy Chairman commented that he felt the revised strategy did not adequately capture all of the points raised in the Motion agreed by the Court of Common Council in September. The Town Clerk replied that the Strategy was designed to support individuals and communities to enjoy inclusive access to sport and physical activity opportunities and there continued to be a focus on major sporting events.


RESOLVED- That the report be noted.


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