Agenda item

The Commons, licences, sports, filming and miscellaneous charges

Report of the Director of Open Spaces.


The Committee received a report of the Director of Open Spaces which provided an update on charges for licensed activities, sports andmiscellaneous charges in the last full financial year 2018/19. The report explained that in 2018/19 the licensed activity raised a total of £6,645.00, charges for sports across 2018/19 raised a total of £299.00 and that proposals are presented for a price increase of 2.6% in line with the Retail PriceIndex figure.



  1. The proposed charges for 2020/21 as itemised in Appendix A be approved; and
  2. That the additional sentence be added to The Commons Events Policy Part 2, page 12 - ‘Some charges will be subject to VAT’.


Supporting documents: