Agenda item

Update on the Street trading and enforcement

The Assistant Director Public Protection to be heard.


The Committee received a verbal update from the Assistant Director Public Protection on the street trading and enforcement.


Members were informed that Section 101 agreements enable City officers to tackle illegal street traders on the City of London’s Bridges and environs have been put in place with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and the London Borough of Southwark whereby Enforcement Officers have been actively engaged in enforcement


The Committee was told that one of the offenders whose hearing was held on 9October 2019 at the Hendon Magistrates Court concerning three illegal street trading offences on and around Tower Bridge.


After finally sending through a guilty plea letter to the courts, his sentence was as follows:

·         1st Offence - £400

·         2nd offence - £600

·         3rd offence - £800

The full costs were £3765.50 with a surcharge of £80. This totals at £5,645.50. The Court has now issued a collection order with the offender required to pay £250 per month to cover his fines.


The Committee was further informed of the following activities from the Department:


·         Two verbal warnings given to ice cream vans. Not seen in the City before hence the warnings only.

·         Two ice cream vans were seized.

·          Tower Hamlets Council was assisted in the seizure of an ice cream van and stored the vehicle for a few days.

·         Assisted Better Bankside/Southwark with the seizure of a receptacle and are currently storing item.

·         One receptacle seized (pancakes) on St Katherines Way/Tower Bridge.

·         Two Hot dog receptacles seized on Bishopsgate.

·         Two peanut receptacles seized on the Millennium Bridge.

·         Eight offences listed for 27November 2019 in relation to four traders for offences in both Tower Hamlets and Southwark at City Magistrates.

·         Further six offences (pancakes, ice cream, hot dogs and peanuts) are being processed.


A Member asked if there was any scope to legalise the traders through a system to ensure that they are in compliance with and have the adequate checks and balances in place. Officers advised that the illegal trading subject to the 101 agreements is in Tower Hamlets and Southwark and beyond the City of London’s powers to licence. The officer advised that the City can and does licence reputable traders in accordance with the City of London (Various Powers) Act 2013. The City would not be able to licence trading on the bridges as they are high footfall and an obstruction in these locations would not be acceptable.


A Member noted that in terms of legalising the illegal traders the City of London needs to be very cautious and exercise restraint as the illegal trading is funding organised crime.


RESOLVED – Members are asked to note the verbal update.