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Annual update on the Custody of Vulnerable Persons (Young Persons, Children and Mental Health)

Report of the Commissioner.


Members considered an annual update report of the Commissioner regarding the Custody of Vulnerable Persons (Yonug Persons, Children and Mental Health) and the following points were made.


·         The T/Commander (Operations) noted that no City residents were among those detained but that nevertheless the City as the local authority was obliged to provide accommodation when a child was transferred out of custody. The Chairman requested that City of London Police Authority undertake a review of its local authority provision to ensure it was appropriate for vulnerable persons in Force custody i.e. it was readily available and, if provided elswhere within London, was suitably close to the City.


·         The T/Commander (Operations) added that HMICFRS had identified the lack of exercise provision for those in custody at Bishopsgate Police Station as a Red risk, and the Commissioner had therefore direcred that this be reviewed with a view to providing suitalble provision. The Commissioner agreed that this be made an outstanding reference to allow the Board to satisfy itself that progress was being made to address the risk.


·         In response to a question, the T/Commander (Operations) confirmed that figures for children and young persons in custody were alreaady being collated for 2019/20 and committed to providing these outside of the meeting.


·         In response to a question the T/Commander (Operations) noted that funding for Street Triage was available up until March 2020. The Commissioner added that a review was yet to take place at Force level on whether the Triage approach should continue beyond that date.


RESOLVED, that the report be received.

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