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Deep Dive: CR21 Air Quality

Report of the Director of Markets & Consumer Protection.


Members received a report of the Director of Markets & Consumer Protection relative to a Deep Dive of CR20 Air Quality. The Director noted that air quality was improving in the City, both due to the City’s 2019-24 Air Quality Strategy and other factors. The emission reduction bill and environment bill which were going through parliament would have further impact. The risk had been de-escalated from red to amber.


The Director noted that most particles measured within the City come from outside the City’s boundaries. Traffic management schemes had had a notable impact, and the business engagement programme had been effective in securing pledges from City businesses to reduce emissions caused by buildings and staff transport, as well as raising awareness amongst staff. The impact of COVID-19 had reduced the workforce presence in the City which contributed to improved air quality; the new transport strategy created more space for pedestrians and once workforce returns, it was anticipated that there would be less vehicle traffic. It was further noted that whilst initiatives had focused on promoting fully electric vehicles, and whilst the government had plans to transition to electric vehicles by 2030, it was noted that hybrid vehicles would be a good alternative.


RESOLVED, that – the report be received and its contents noted.

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