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Combined Gateway 3/4/5 report for the Beech Street Transport and Public Realm Improvements project

Report of the Director of the Build Environment.  


The Committee received a report of the Director of the Built Environment on the Beech Street Transport and Public Realm Improvements.


A Member raised the point that the Experimental Traffic Order to implement two-way zero emission restrictions in Beech Street will increase traffic movements in other areas within the City. Members asked to find a viable solution to overcome this issue.  Officers took the opportunity to inform Members that the City will be monitoring data around the affected areas to see the traffic movements. In addition, there will be six months of public consultations. The data collected and the public consultations will be shared with the Committee prior to a decision being made. 


A Member pointed out that all the publicly accessible lifts are maintained and repaired as otherwise this will impact residents even further, especially those who rely upon the use of wheelchairs for their mobility. 


A number of the Members of the Committee took the opportunity to praise the City of London Officers for the regeneration work done in the area.


RESOLVED Members noted the content of the report.


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