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Healthier Catering Commitment for Food Businesses in the City of London

Report of the Director of Markets & Consumer Protection.


The Committee received the report of the Director of Markets & Consumer Protection on the Healthier Catering Commitment for Food Businesses in the City of London. The Healthier Catering Commitment is an enhanced version of the London-wide scheme and considers sustainability including the Plastic Free City initiative, a commitment to recycling waste, developing a food waste reduction plan and signposting to the Safety Thirst scheme. It also signposts participating businesses. The plans have been well received by the various stakeholders involved.


A Member noted that there are no independent caterers on Fleet Street, which is a major street mostly in the City of London and is packed with unhealthy food outlets, and if the City can influence the larger food chain outlets to take up the offer of the Healthier Catering Commitment. A Member informed the Committee that as a Planning Authority the City can influence the changes needed, as per the directive of the High Court.


This was followed by another question by a Member who asked if the City risks being a Nanny State by imposing the Healthier Catering Commitment onto outlets. Officers assured the Member that the City is trying to encourage business to make small changes as these can have a big impact with compromising the type or range of food offered by a business.  It is hoped that the City can drive a positive change through its communication and engagements. The Member was further reassured that although the City is focussing on small chains with less than 20 outlets and independents, work was also underway through the Healthier Catering Commitment working group that the City is part of, to develop a scheme for large national companies. 


RESOLVED Members noted the contents of this report.


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