Agenda item

Any other business that the Chair considers urgent


The following items of urgent business were raised –


Lisvane Review

The Deputy Chair proposed that the Committee should allocate some time at its next meeting on 9th December to those recommendations, pertaining to the future of the Establishment Committee, of the Lisvane Review.


In response to points raised around the timelines of the broader consultation of the Lisvane Review, the Chair confirmed that they would work with the Deputy Chair and officers to confirm a time in the diary for Establishment Committee to discuss Lisvane. If there was insufficient time to include a discussion at the formal meeting next month, potentially, we could look to set up a special one item meeting in early January or take the discussion to the following formal Establishment Committee meeting on 27th January. Officers would confirm arrangements with Members in due course.


Staff Appeal Committee

The Committee clerk reminded Members that some had yet to respond to a request to offer their availability to serve on the Staff Appeal Committee in 2021. The Chair reiterated the importance of serving on this Committee and asked that those Members who had yet to respond, to do so as soon as possible.