Agenda item

Eastern Cluster Business Partnership (City Fund)

Report of the City Surveyor.


The Board considered a report of the City Surveyor on the Eastern Cluster Business Partnership. The Chair highlighted the third recommendation of the report which detailed the requirement of the Board to nominate a Member to serve on the Eastern Cluster Business Partnership and noted the advice from Officers was that the nominated Member be from a Ward included in the Business Improvement District (BID) area. The Board discussed the nomination and noted that it would be important that the Member appointed have the availability to attend BID Board meetings. The Board agreed to nominate the Deputy Chairman Adrien Meyers with the provision for approved alternate Members to attend in instances when the Deputy Chairman cannot attend BID meetings.



  1. The Board agreed to the participation of the City Corporation in the Eastern Cluster Business Partnership; and
  2. That the funding of a contribution of £40k, over the next two financial years, (£20kin 2020/21 and £20k for 2021/22) from the City Surveyor’s local risk budget for professional fees for City Fund Estate be agreed; and
  3. That Deputy Chairman Andrien Meyers be nominated a Member of the Property Investment Board to sit on the Eastern Cluster Business Partnership Board.



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