Agenda item

Outstanding References

Report of the Town Clerk.


Members considered a report of the Town Clerk regarding outstanding references and the following points were made.


2/2019/P – Update on Due Diligence and Market Research


·         The Chairman requested that a representative from City Procurement be invited to the June 2020 meeting. Further, the Chairman’s opinion is that an extension of the existing contract may be necessary notwithstanding the fact the current pension admin system contract ran up until October 2021.


9/2019/P – Member Completion of Training Modules


·         Members noted that this was an ongoing issue and therefore the current reporting metric should be updated to provide greater visibility and oversight of which Members needed to complete which modules. Board Members will also be contacted by the Pensions Manager if they have any outstanding modules to complete. Completion of training modules by Members of the Board was compulsory.


10/2019/P – Training Feedback


·         The Chairman requested that the offer of bespoke training should be recirculated, and this reference then closed.


12/2019/P – Scheme Member Communication regarding Legal Challenge


·         The Chairman noted that Home Office guidance was awaited and that, once this was received, an email communication could be issued to Scheme Members accordingly. The Chairman was mindful that it was not the role of the Pensions Board to offer Scheme Members advice, but that it was important to ensure Scheme Members were appropriately informed.


14/2019/P – Scheme Member Communication regarding Commutation Lump Sums


·         The Pensions Manager noted that this reference had been completed as per the update report on the agenda at item 6 and could therefore be closed.


15/2019/P – Revisions to Risk Register


·         The Finance Director noted that the McCloud Judgement would be added to the Force risk register and incorporated into the Medium Term Financial Plan.


·         The Chairman suggested that the Force should be alerted to the issue of how to collect back-dated employee contributions.


·         The Pensions Manager noted that the other revisions were dealt with as per the report on the agenda at item 5. The Chairman noted that officers should remain alive to the risk of unforeseen staff absence.


RESOLVED, that the report be received.


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